EI Balance. Balancing software

EI-Balance. FAQ


Is there a user manual included with the software?
Yes, it is included and it's in english.

On which support is the software sent with the kit?
The Software is sent on CD which also contains some video tutorials.

Is the software compatible with Windows XP?
No, it's not, our new interface is not supported by Windows XP, however the software is compatible with Windows XP.

Is the software compatible with Windows 7 64 bits?
Yes, it is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bits.

Will EI-Balance work with Windows Mobile software?
No, in this case we recommend a touch screen laptop or a Windows based tablet, but avoid Windows RT.

Is there a V-notch magnet base available for the accelerometer to be mounted on round surfaces?
Yes, in fact this magnet base is included in the package.

What is the vibration range of the accelerometer?
The range of the accelerometer goes from 1 to 6 G and the frequency bandwidth from 1 Hz to 8000 Hz.

Can I do 2 plane balancings with this software?
Yes you can.

Do I really need 2 accelerometers to improve 2 plane balancings?
No, you don't. You can use only one and switch it from one plane to the other in the same run once the first recording is done.

Does the optical sensor includes a magnetic base?
No it doesn't. This is to make the kit lighter to reduce the shipping cost, however it can be included with an extra cost.

Does the software has a tracking filter? This would be useful on feild balancings because RPM are not always constant.
Yes, the filter is a tracking one. You just set an aproximative range in order to limit the search.

Is there any other piece that I should buy to begin balancing?
No, you may start balancing with the kit as it is, you only need a computer.