EI Balance. Balancing software



EI-Balance is a balancing system for single and two planes, based on a Windows laptop; this equipment was specially designed for outdoor works as well as to update old balancing machines.

Thanks to its automated tracking filter, the system identifies the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies in case of slightly changes of rotation speed.

The balancing speed range goes from 100 to 120.000 RPM with signal recording times up to 5 minutes.

EI-Balance can be used by people with minimal knowledge in the dynamic balancing field, as it has a very intuitive platform as well as tutorial videos and an operation manual.

The system shows at all times the following data:

  • Maximum amplitude
  • RMS value
  • Tachometer
  • Polar graphs
  • Real-time graph Amplitude vs Time
  • FFT graphs (Amplitude vs Frequency graphs)

This allows the user to have a complete description of the machine's vibration any time during the balancing process.

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EI Balance Features

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EI-Balance includes:
  • 1 CD software
  • 1 USB Data Acquisition card with 15 cm length cable
  • 1 Analog Accelerometer with 1.8 meters length cable
  • 1 Optical sensor with 1.8 meters length cable
  • 1 Manual and video tutorials inside the CD
No aditional pieces are needed to install it in your computer and start balancing.